Getting Wiggy With It

This past Thursday I set out to find my new identity once I lose my hair. I have some funny friends who suggested I get multiple wigs. For instance, a stripper wig especially for Mike. I don’t know about y’all but when you have cancer the absolute last thing on your mind is putting on your stripper wig for a dance party for your man. Lol!  Some suggested a business wig and a party wig. Maybe I have lost some spunk, but I am not feeling either. So, I set out to find one that was close to my current hair…boring. Hahaha.

Now over at Shiela’s Wigs, you will find yourself some funny ladies, but they were so kind and compassionate through it all because it is a little overwhelming. I walked in and they were like I know the perfect ones for you to try on. Well, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Photo cred goes to my friend, Suzanne.  Thanks for going with me  it made the task less daunting.

On this one below, I easily could have done both…I thought I could be on a special for Jeff Foxworthy…you might be a redneck if…seriously, all I needed was the bubba teeth. 031832F3-197B-46E9-8438-2DECD5268674

This next one was a doozy too, not quite sure what was going on here, but it was vetoed quickly.


I was trying to keep my spirits up after those two gems. Then we saw Patsy. A little longer and more my speed, and I said why not. So, I tried her on and although she feels a little rough to the touch, I will say she made me feel a little more like me. So when you meet Patsy for the first time, be nice and know that she is doing the best she can on any given day.


Disclaimer…I really wanted to try on the jet black one with blue highlights, but they were ready for me to go as they had other appointments. I secretly wanted the stripper wig. LOL!

I had my port put in yesterday and the anesthesia has kicked my ass this go round. I am happy to report I had to already test out the chemo nausea meds and they work. Since I am sharing pics and have no shame how I look in any of them, below is how I felt about my port last night, and not much has changed today.

Prayer request for minimal side effects from my first chemo treatment on Monday, a positive attitude, and no fainting. I don’t think this medical stuff will ever get easy for me just drug me, please.

All my love…live each day big for you never know what tomorrow will bring.


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