Yellow Brick Road

Things change quickly in the cancer bubble. I am writing to you today from Room 515 of the hospital. I will be set free today, which is ironic as we celebrate The 4th today. Ha!  Late Sunday night, my stomach was hurting and I didn’t think much about it. Long story short, I had some stomach issues, (I will spare you details) crazy chills (uncontrollable shaking to where I thought my teeth were going to break) and spiked a 102 fever in a matter of two hours. So, around midnight Mike took me to the ER. My blood counts showed low white counts(to be expected) and low lactic acid, and my heart rate was pretty high. Dehydration was also mentioned. They started treating me for an infection while they ran cultures. I received antibiotics that I never knew existed. They ran a new one through my port every hour. In total, I think I received about 15 bags of antibiotics and 7 or eight bags of fluids. No infection has been detected, and they believe dehydration was the cause. The red devil won round 4. I will say I haven’t felt this good in a long time. My skin even feels smooth and soft. It is crazy to me that I have felt like crap for so long that I thought my level of crappy was normal, and I was just pushing through. My body just said not today…she was tired and couldn’t keep up with the devil. I am drinking 80-100 oz of water a day, but I am really going to have to find a way to add more. This should be interesting.

I am doing good now and ready to go home. While there is no place like hope; there is also no place like home.  I am clicking my red sequined shoes and patiently waiting for takeoff back to “Kansas”.

Partying in the ER at 1am Sunday…looking at this now my belly was so bloated.  Chemo gives zero cares about vanity. Haha! It was my first all nighter in a long time. The ER is an interesting place, but I much prefer the Penthouse for late night. (Inside joke and a shout-out to a few special ladies)


Who is ready for some BBQ….meeeeeee!  Stay safe everyone and Happy 4th of July!

All my love, live each day big for you never know what tomorrow will bring.


2 thoughts on “Yellow Brick Road

  1. What an ordeal! At least you’re feeling good. I know what you mean about suddenly realizing your normal was way off from a real normal. One of my drugs changed taste for me. It was very subtle and I didn’t really notice it. Years later when I got off that drug food suddenly tasted good again. It was like a whole new life opened up for me. I hope you continue to feel better and better.


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