My Inner Elsa

Greetings from Raleigh…we made it!  I will NEVER move again. It has been an exhausting two weeks from the move alone. Currently, I have zero motivation to unpack another box today. Only did one yesterday. Haha. I have hit the wall. We don’t need anything in those boxes, right? The house is nice, and we are slowly settling in. Doesn’t quite feel like home, but I think that piece is still in the boxes. Haha!  Oh, and I have already been stung by the resident wasp nesting on my deck. Lily told me I was so brave because I got stung by the wasp and was fighting cancer. Sweet girl. I told her that is the only way to be everyday. Lily started third grade at her year round school this week, and I am already over homework.  Mallery and I went to her school yesterday, and she is registered for 7th grade and will start 27Aug.  I miss this little guy more than words…we were talking about not pulling my wig when this was captured. I love his expression.


Back to cancer…I have had two Taxol treatments since the last post. I get them weekly every Monday. This drug is definitely easier on the body than the AC treatments. I would not have been able to do this move if I was still on those. Dare I say, I feel more like my old self again?  I am sure I just jinxed it. I still tire easily, but I have literally been going from morning to night. I am able to drive right after these treatments as I have lost the light headed/dizzy feeling. This is huge for me because I felt so helpless not being able to drive for a week(my choice not doctors…I know my limits). This drug does not cause any stomach issues, so I am happy to report I don’t have to take any medication after receiving this chemo. I am so excited about this because I was taking steroids and anti-nausea pills for a week. The steroids were causing insomnia and puffiness (work with me here). I slept all night Tuesday night for the first time since May. Honestly, I woke up and was like am I dead?  It was like when your baby sleeps through the night…wake up in panic…running to check on them. Freaked me out. Lol. During the treatments, I am doing ice baths on my hands and feet. I am hoping to stop any neuropathy by doing this. I joked with Mike that I felt like Elsa with my blue gloves and being frozen. I threatened to braid the wig next week. Go big or go home, right?  So far so good, but I am sure it takes a few treatments to start seeing the side effects.

Conceal don’t feel…


After talking with my doctor Monday, I may have to do a couple extra treatments for a total of 10. Apparently, there is a certain doasge she is looking for me to receive and 8 treatments won’t get me there. Boooooo! I called her out on it and she said we would just have to see. I can handle two more weeks. I think! I am eager to start the radiation discussion so I can really start to put an end date on the active treatments. I can see an end now, but I want a true visual. This journey had a fuzzy start and once we started talking a plan and dates it made it easier to focus. Now, I am ready to further define the end. I will still have to take a pill for five years, but I can handle that.

Remaining positive and pushing through each day. Relying on scripture and friends and family to continue to carry/support me through the end. I remain amazed at the calls, texts, flowers, gifts that continue to come. It has touched my heart and makes me smile. I swear on a day, I am feeling down or discouraged someone comes through with encouragement in some form. God is good, and He is working through you. Thank you and I will remain forever grateful and humbled.


All my love…live each day big for you never know what tomorrow will bring.


5 thoughts on “My Inner Elsa

    1. I mainly listen to Pandora. I like the contemporary Christian station on there when doing treatments. Keeps me focused and positive. With the Taxol though, the Benadryl given prior to the infusion makes me really sleepy so I just snooze for the hour while my hands and feet freeze. Haha!

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  1. Braid the wig!!! You will make a beautiful Elsa! I am so glad that you are getting closer to that last treatment. Thank goodness the move is over and eventually it will feel like home. Remember when you moved from New Orleans… Did you ever think you could call another place home again? You have one big family now. 🙂 BTW: Only you could keep a smile with your hands and feet in an ice bath. You have such a beautiful spirit and zest!


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